The sole reason for reclamation was regret.


We’re approaching the end of this set, so these stories may make less and less sense as we go. This one would make the most sense after reading Phosphenes, Acrimony, Lotus-eater, and Brooding.

I’m sorry. Usually, I like to keep them self-contained, but this is the first part of the conclusion of Jin’s arc.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you!

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Ink smudges twisted across her hands like faded battle scars.

I like the way callow sounds. It forces an exhale. It reminds me of words like careless, or hollow. Both of which I think relates to this week’s post.

This might make a little more sense if you read Icarian.

Anyway, thank you for reading!

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Their matching rings glinted in the soft pink lambency of pale twilight.

Gezellig is actually a Dutch word. Yes, we’re being international this week… It truthfully cannot be defined, but the closest definition is something akin to warmth and coziness. Time spent with loved ones… I encourage you to look it up if you get the chance.

It’s pronounced heh-sell-ick.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you!

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