Their smiles were etched into the brief eternity of film.


I have a love hate relationship with photographs. Looking back through the years, I can see the appeal of capturing time in still images, but all too often, the process has intruded upon the fun of the actual occasion. I think it’s important to find a right balance between enjoying the moment while also preserving the memories for when we get older.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you!

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First Birthday Shenanigans

Photogenic (adj): attractive in photographs

“Smile!” Ella called, snapping a photo with her old Polaroid camera.

“Why are you still using that piece of junk?” Nathan teased her from where he was posing with Zoey.

“Oh, shut up.”

Ella fanned the photo back and forth, waiting for the photo to emerge from the black inkscape before her.

“Here, I’ll take one of you and Zoe.”

They traded places, and Ella was the one leaning over her daughter, secured in the highchair with a wobbly birthday cake in front of her, the solitary dripping wax candle leaning over at a dangerous angle.

Zoey had apparently grown tired of waiting. Right as the picture was being taken, she had pawed at the cake, splattering the buttercup yellow frosting over Ella’s horrified face.

“No! Zoey!”

Her husband laughed from his side of the room.

“That’s one for next year’s Christmas card.”

“Haha, very funny,” Ella sarcastically retorted, wiping off the cake from her face.

They later join Zoey, picking at the cake with their icing-smeared fingers.

She’s a very messy eater, but her adorableness makes up for it, Ella decided as she absently traced little frosting flowers and hearts onto her daughter’s cheeks.

There was the whir of the camera.

“Nathan,” Ella complained. “You know I don’t like people taking pictures of other people eating!”

“Sorry,” he waved off dismissively. “This is one for my wallet.”

Ella felt a blush creep over her face.

She turned her attention back to Zoey, who had started returning the favor and was currently tracing the bridge of her nose with a buttercream clad finger.

“Hi, baby,” Ella cooed. “Are you drawing on mommy’s face?”

Zoey giggled in response.

Nathan strode over, draping himself over her in a back-hug.

Leaning forward, he kissed at the frosting on the tip of Zoey’s nose, before leaning over and doing the same to Ella.

“Ugh, Nathan.”

He laughed.   

“Let’s take one together.”

Moving to the camera, he balanced it on top of a few books, setting it to delay.

He hit the button and then assumed his place on the other side of Zoey, clasping Ella’s hand.

They smiled softly at each other and Zoey, before turning to the camera.

Their smiles were etched into the brief eternity of film.

That’s one for the wall.

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