The view of the world from under an umbrella was peculiarly dissimilar to the view of the world without one.


Next up we have brooding. One of my favorites. I had lots of ideas for this word, but I ended up going with this one, as I thought it best illustrated the two connotations of brooding I have in my mind.

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The View from Under an Umbrella

Brooding (adj): appearing darkly menacing.

It was funny how the whole world seemed to be blind.

No, blind was the wrong word… maybe it was more like the entire world had selective sight?

He was the transparent onlooker. People could look right through him and see nothing, just like no one saw the ominous clouds gathering on the overcast horizon.

They were frowning clouds— the kind that seemed to steal the sun and all the life that came with it.

Genji had learned to see. He could see more now than he ever could before. The view from this rusty, worn out bench was the view of the world. The only view he needed.

He had once longed for something different, but the hand of fate had led him to this weathered, misshapen bench.

Genji shifted his stiff limbs, straightening out the edge of his mud-caked, deteriorating jacket.

The clouds had spilled over the edge of the horizon. For once, the back light clearly illustrated the typically imperceptible differences in all the varying shades of gray.

He wish he still had his hat. He had traded it a while back for a meal. He had run out of things to trade now, as his grumbling stomach reluctantly informed him.

He muttered frustrated curses at the sky for deciding it was time he needed a shower.

A mother gave him a cursory glance before quickly herding her children away.

His leathery hands balled into fists.

The heavy-bellied thunderheads in the old buttermilk sky loomed over the tall heaven piercing buildings.

The clouds rumbled in displeasure.

“I know, right?” he laughed. “Some people…”

They roared as if they were laughing with him.

The wind struck up, whipping up an eddy of scarlet and orange leaves.

“Some people are blind…” Genji whispered, gazing at the scurrying figures on the street seeking shelter from the storm. “Others just chose not to see if they don’t have to.”

Finally, like a skyscraper had ripped open the belly of a sodden cloud, torrents of rain came streaking down. In no time, Genji’s matted, limp, gray hair was sopping wet. He sniffed in displeasure, tugging his jacket closer to his frail body.

Maybe if he fell asleep, he wouldn’t be bothered by the inclement weather. But then, there was the chance that he wouldn’t get up again. No… better not to risk it.

A young man walked by in a hurry, stepping into the deep, bone-chilling puddle next to the bench. The dirty water splashed up, and Genji huffed in distaste.

“Watch it,” he mumbled.

The man walking stopped moving and looked back.

It was a white-collar with an umbrella. Hmph. The man had no reason to be in a hurry when he didn’t even need to seek shelter. Darn white-collars. Always in a rush to do something. Didn’t they ever just stop and take a look around?

Genji had just decided to give the man a piece of his mind when suddenly, the worker walked back and wordlessly pressed the black umbrella into Genji’s hands.

The man then casually strided towards the office building on 4th as if it wasn’t even pouring down sheets of freezing water.

Genji gaped at the back of the man in shock.

The view of the world from under an umbrella was peculiarly dissimilar to the view of the world without one.

Everything seemed a little warmer, and a little brighter.

Hmph, he grumbled to himself. I guess even the blind can occasionally see.

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